Cloud Fortified Since Day One

Gliffy was one of the first apps to achieve Atlassian’s Cloud Fortified designation when the program was introduced in July 2021, demonstrating an ability to meet the highest standards of security, reliability, and support.

Atlassian "Cloud Fortified" icon on a shield on top of multiple Gliffy diagram windows.

Our Data & Security Practices

Personal Information

Personal information (billing information) is not stored within Gliffy, and we do not sell or share your personal information.

Diagram Data

Diagram data stored in Confluence or Jira is covered by Atlassian’s privacy policy. Gliffy’s web-based application, Gliffy Online, does not store diagram data on local devices or Gliffy servers. 

Bug Bounty Program

Gliffy participates in the Atlassian Marketplace’s Bug Bounty Program, allowing security researchers to test the application for vulnerabilities and report any vulnerabilities discovered.

Error Capture & Reporting

In the event of an error condition, the information collected for troubleshooting does not contain personal information or complete diagram data.


All customer data is encrypted using HTTPS over Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 or higher. All document content is encrypted at rest with AES-256. The encryption is transparent; keys are managed by our cloud infrastructure provider.

Business Continuity Plan

Gliffy is aligned with Perforce Software’s Business Continuity Plan to manage and minimize the effects of unplanned disruptive events (cyber, physical, or natural).

Gliffy Online

Hosted Security

Gliffy Online servers and customer data are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Information about AWS Security can be found on the official AWS site.

Backups & Reliability

AWS services are used for daily backups. All our systems are fully redundant and clustered, and Disaster Recovery testing is periodically performed to ensure operations are restored in a timely manner.

Payment Information

All payments made for Gliffy Online use Stripe (PCI Certified). For additional information, please visit Stripe’s privacy page. No credit card data or payment related information is stored on Gliffy systems.