Advanced Technical Diagramming for Confluence

Take your technical documentation to the next level with these diagram types and more.

Example graphic of a business process model

Process Diagrams

Standardize and communicate the way your team works by mapping out key workflows and business processes.

Example of an AWS architecture diagram

Architecture Diagrams

Illustrate software systems alongside your documentation to enhance your planning and development processes.

Blog image for network topology diagram

Network Diagrams

Visualize your network and all its components for more efficient service management and onboarding.

Mermaid diagram illustration

Mermaid Diagrams

Create entity-relationship diagrams, UML diagrams, and more without dragging and dropping a single shape.


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Feature Comparison: Gliffy for Confluence Cloud vs. Data Center

Our diagramming apps for Cloud and Data Center have the same easy-to-use, intuitive interface and ability to create a wide variety of technical (and non-technical) diagrams, but they aren’t exactly the same. This chart highlights a few key similarities and differences between Gliffy for Confluence Cloud and Data Center.




Diagram Templates & Shape Libraries
Create a wide variety of diagrams with a robust selection of templates and built-in shape libraries.

Custom Shapes
Create your own shape libraries by uploading company logos or other icons.

Interactive Diagramming
Create diagrams with linked layers that can be toggled on and off when viewing the diagram on a Confluence page.

Automatic Updates
When you edit a diagram, all its copies throughout your Confluence space automatically update to reflect those changes.

Real-Time Collaboration
Edit diagrams with your teammates in real time.

Quickly capture ideas with sticky notes and annotate diagrams or sketch out ideas with the freehand drawing tool.

Mermaid Diagrams
Create diagrams from code using Mermaid markdown.

Data Linking
Upload CSV files to Gliffy and drag and drop data points into your diagram.

Import Diagrams From Other Tools
Import Visio, Lucidchart, and diagrams into Gliffy.

Integration for Slack
See diagram thumbnails in Slack channels and jump into edit mode directly from Slack.

Need to know about a feature not mentioned here? Wondering if certain features are on the roadmap? Contact us with any additional questions about Cloud or Data Center functionality.

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