Entity-Relationship Diagrams

Working with large amounts of data can be overwhelming, but with Gliffy, it doesn’t have to be. Visualize your database directly in Confluence.

Entity Relationship Diagram in Gliffy.

Cloud Architecture Diagrams

AWS, Azure, GCP — whichever microservices your application relies on, Gliffy can help you diagram their structure with built-in shape libraries and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Cloud Architecture Diagram in Gliffy.

Sequence Diagrams

Create sequence diagrams and other UML diagrams in minutes with Gliffy’s Mermaid editor for detailed, accurate depictions of your system and its requirements.

Sequence Diagram in Gliffy.

Network Diagrams

Use linked layers to create interactive network diagrams that viewers can expand and collapse in the diagram viewer to get just the right amount of context.

Network Diagram in Gliffy.

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