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Gliffy was one of the first apps available in the Atlassian Marketplace and boasts the deepest integrations with Atlassian's tools. In Confluence, Gliffy is the only interactive diagram maker, giving users the ability to toggle through layers and information in the diagram viewer.

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Why Use Gliffy for Diagramming?

With over 16 million users and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Gliffy's enterprise-grade diagramming software helps teams of all types make diagrams and communicate visually. 

Diagram with ease

Drag and drop shapes or use templates and themes.

Share with anyone

Share diagrams via URL or embedding.

Collaborate instantly

Choose who can view, edit and comment.

Integrate with Atlassian

Add visuals directly to Jira and Confluence.

Preserve and track changes

Access previous versions in revision history.


Import and edit old diagrams, export new creations.

Game-Changing Organizations Use Gliffy to Collaborate


Your Drag & Drop Online Diagramming Tool

"Gliffy has been extremely useful for Pandora. Our team has pioneered the use of Gliffy at Pandora and as a result of the value derived from our diagrams, many other teams are now using it to represent their ideas."

– Silvana Bacigalupo-Wold
Director, Information Services | Pandora

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