Gliffy was founded in 2005 in a San Francisco apartment by two software engineers who liked solving problems together, wanted a job that didn’t feel like one, and thought an online diagramming tool would save time for their fellow engineers.

With a growing team and millions of diagrams later, Gliffy is part of the proverbial toolkit for companies like Pixar, Netflix, Nike, and Harvard.

In 2019, Gliffy became a part of Perforce, a global leader in software development lifecycleversion control, and code analysis software.

While tech has changed in too many ways to count since 2005, we still believe in the power of a great diagram. Visuals can bridge communication gaps, foster creative thinking, and facilitate collaboration. Gliffy puts that power at any team’s fingertips. Learn more about our apps here:

Gliffy for Atlassian Gliffy Online