Old Floorplan Shapes New Floorplan Shapes
Old Floorplan Shapes New Floorplan shapes

One of the big themes this summer has been to improve the overall quality of Gliffy. One of the first steps we've taken in this direction is to improve the way our product looks. Today we are proud to announce what we think is a huge step in this direction: New super awesome floorplan shapes

Notice that the new floorplan shapes are much more detailed than before and have been rendered by a professional artist. These changes are guaranteed to improve the quality of your Floorplan diagrams. Also notice that you may set the color of the floorplan shapes to match the color of your actual furniture. More importantly, the infrastructure we've built to make these new floorplan shapes is going to enable us to produce additional shape libraries at a faster pace. Are you missing a particular shape library? Let us know, and we'll see what we can do about getting it into the product.

In addition to the new floorplan shapes, here are some bugs we've fixed as well:

  • Issue when opening a diagram and immediately printing only printed a small corner of the diagram
  • Fit to Screen for default 5000 x 5000 will now fit actual diagram in view pane, and not whole page.
  • Fix for NaN showing up for Yahoo Image search image size
  • Issue where zooming out on very wide or very tall diagram and then zooming back in caused page to be lost
  • For SVG shapes, when deleting and undo, any line connections were not being remembered