August 9, 2023

Why Work With an Atlassian Partner For Your Cloud Migration?


Heard much about Cloud migrations lately? With Atlassian’s Server EOL date now only a few short months away, it’s no surprise that this is a timely issue for many organizations.

We’ve got plenty of resources to help you prepare — for example, to learn more about Server EOL deadlines, or migrating your Gliffy diagrams, make sure to read our Server EOL blog. Our on-demand Server EOL webinar with Herzum, a Platinum Atlassian Solutions Partner, also provides helpful insights that can help your team evaluate your options and plan ahead.

However, since Cloud migrations are uncharted waters for many teams, it can also be immensely valuable to have someone in your corner who will be able to back you up when you need it and provide expertise to guide you through the process. Keep reading to learn more about how working with an Atlassian Partner can help meet that need.

Are you a Gliffy customer getting prepared to migrate? We’d love to connect you with one of our preferred partners who will guide you through the process!

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Smoother Planning and Execution

Migrations are complicated enough on their own, but there are several factors that can make them even more complicated. These include number of accounts, number of applications or customizations, and which Atlassian solutions need to be migrated — for example, Jira Service Management and Bitbucket can be especially complex to migrate.

Atlassian Partners have worked on countless migrations, especially in the last couple of years since Atlassian’s announcement of Server EOL. Thanks to that experience, partners are experts in navigating the migration process and can help you craft an effective plan that meets your organization’s needs.

Partners also have plenty of firsthand knowledge that will help you handle any potential issues effectively. Even if your migration plan is flawless, there’s still no guarantee that the migration will run as planned. There can always be unforeseen issues that arise, either during migration or after it is completed.

One major issue that can arise during a migration is failing to identify and migrate critical systems or dependencies needed for proper app functionality. This can cause downtime that leads to significant losses or drawbacks. An experienced partner will be able to help you troubleshoot and provide support, including assistance with specific apps, and craft a backup plan that gets you back up and running even if the worst case scenario arises.

Does your organization need to adhere to regulatory requirements such as HIPAA or GDPR? Partners can also help you ensure that proper security protocols are being followed throughout the migration process and afterwards, so you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure.

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Maximize Your Atlassian Products

A partner can work with you to ensure that your new Cloud environment will effectively help you meet your business objectives. This can include customized Cloud implementations that meet all your organization’s needs, including all the integrations that you need to function smoothly.

Partners will help you search for silos in your organization and evaluate their impact on your overall productivity. Then, they can connect you with solutions that address those issues, with set-up assistance as well.

If there are apps that you have on your current solution that aren’t available in Cloud, a partner can help you find alternatives that will meet your needs.

Gliffy is available on Confluence Cloud! We even have a Cloud Migration Guide to help you through the process of migrating your diagrams.

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Financial Efficiency

One of the most common arguments for moving to Cloud is that, for many teams, it is more cost-efficient. This is because Cloud doesn’t require as much maintenance by your IT team as an on-prem deployment would.

Still, the process of moving to Cloud can cost a lot in time and effort for large organizations. Having a partner’s help with planning and executing an effective migration strategy helps you save both time and money, as does the feedback a partner can provide on how to cost-effectively manage your Atlassian products.

Even though working with a partner is an investment, the cost makes up for itself because of the time it saves your in-house team to plan and execute a migration strategy — even more so if issues arise during the process. Letting a partner handle your migration gives your team time to focus on other priorities.

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Connect With a Partner Today

Using a partner will save your organization time and money during the migration process and afterwards by helping you avoid potential issues or by solving them effectively.

If you’re a Gliffy user and want to get in touch with a partner to plan your migration, we have several partners who we would be happy to connect you with. They will guide you through your migration and keep you informed through every step of the process. Check out our Preferred Partners page or reach out today!

Don't forget to check out our on-demand Server EOL webinar with Herzum for more migration tips and info:


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