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Try Gliffy's easy-to-use wireframe tools to create the framework for your website, home page, or app.

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Lay the groundwork for a website or app by creating a wireframe that your team can work from and build upon.

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A necessary blueprint for development projects, a wireframe can be used for a website, home page, mobile app or video game.

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How to create wireframes

Gliffy Diagram’s wireframe shapes and templates make it easy to create professional wireframes.

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An easy-to-use online wireframe and mock-up tool

With a drag-and-drop interface and handy features, Gliffy Diagram allows you to easily create wireframes and collaborate on them with others.

Build wireframes with ease

Build wireframes with ease

Drag and drop UI shapes or use wireframe templates.

Share and collaborate

Share and collaborate

Share your wireframe, then choose who can view and edit it.

Integrate with Atlassian

Integrate with Atlassian

Add wireframes to Jira tickets and Confluence documents.



Import and edit wireframes, then export new creations.

Much more than a wireframe tool

Mind map collage

When you use Gliffy Diagram, you can create dozens of professional-quality visuals, including flowcharts, org charts, ERDs, UML diagrams and more.

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