These companies are changing the world — and they use Gliffy to make it happen. vs. Gliffy for Confluence: Key Differences

Draw More Accurately

Gliffy lets you see each line while you draw and uses drawing guides to keep your work neat. does not.

Security-First Diagramming

Gliffy was the first to receive the Cloud Fortified app certification from Atlassian — we're always prioritizing security.

Pin Your Versions

Reveal your latest version when you’re ready with version pinning.

Find Diagrams Faster

Gliffy lets you search text INSIDE diagrams. Unlike

Share Outside of Confluence

With Gliffy, every link to a diagram is always up to date. Not so with!

Save and Draft Intuitively

Gliffy works just like Confluence. Create a draft & publish when you’re ready.

Customize Configurations

Gliffy lets you customize user experience at the instance level.

Import Diagrams

Already use Import your diagrams directly into Gliffy.

 6 Reasons You’ll Love Gliffy

Diagramming Apps in Confluence: Breaking it Down by the Numbers

Gliffy vs. users: Gliffy = over 18 million, = over 14 million.

Users per install:

Gliffy vs. users per install: Gliffy = 770+, = 330+

Gliffy is Built For Large Teams & Organizations

The more information you're juggling, the more you should lean toward Gliffy. Gliffy is the alternative trusted by 18 million users — more than any other diagramming app for Confluence and Jira.

There's a reason for that:

  • With Gliffy, you can link diagrams to other pages, allowing your content to be as specific or as high-level as each user needs.
  • Place one diagram in multiple places on your Confluence or Jira instance. Make edits to the core diagram, and every duplicate is automatically updated.
  • Use your team's existing diagrams as a template for your next drawing.
Image Gliffy Big Teams

Your Return on Investment with Gliffy's Diagramming Apps

The success of any IT purchase hinges upon its complete adoption throughout an organization. With seamless Atlassian integrations, we've make our diagramming tool as accessible and easy to use as any native Confluence or Jira function. This deep level of integration makes our software an investment well-spent.

Gliffy is built as a tool for your entire team, with unique features like:

  • Embedding capabilities that mean you can share the same, always-current version of your diagram in multiple places.
  • Deep search capability that makes the content included in your diagrams as searchable as the content on your Confluence pages.
  • A seamless Atlassian integration that makes adding a Gliffy diagram a breeze — no additional log-ins or software needed.
Image Gliffy Return Investment and Gliffy Have a Lot in Common, but Gliffy’s only Goal is Great Diagrams

The bottom line is that we make one powerful tool: a diagramming app. We will not try to upsell you on other Atlassian apps or charge you for additional consulting fees — unlike our competitors. Our pricing model reflects both our premium features and the level of privacy and security we are able to offer you.

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