See how your site stacks up with Gliffy site map software


A site map lets you take a closer look at the pages in your site and how they lead into each other, whether you want a guide to post on your site or a concept diagram to present to stakeholders.

Example Sitemap

Show 'em what you've got

Your site map shows all the important pages, documents, and other resources on your site. Once you've identified the elements, you can sort them into visual hierarchies, and represent traffic between them by adding connecting lines. A site map can help you illustrate a current site, redesign an outdated one, or pitch a concept for an entirely new web site.

Start in high gear

Gliffy makes everything easy. Instead of trying to cobble together a representation of your information architecture using a generic paint program, start with one of our many site map templates and use our intuitive toolbox to quickly and simply personalize your site map diagram. Gliffy gives you an extensive image and template library, including site map templates that anyone can use to easily design or represent a web site.