How do you maintain technical documentation that is simultaneously comprehensive and up-to-date? Finding this balance is a major challenge for busy teams. Join Gliffy’s product manager, Samie Kaufman, and Chief Technology Officer at Perforce Software, Deepak Giridharagopal, for a conversation on how the concept of diagrams as code can provide a solution and how Gliffy is helping teams meet this vital documentation need. 

Main points:

  • What does “diagrams as code” mean and why is it significant? 
  • What are some real-world problems for which diagrams as code offers a solution? 
  • How is Gliffy investing in the idea of diagrams as code?

This webinar is also available as a blog: Understanding Diagrams as Code

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Samie Kaufman

Product Manager, Gliffy by Perforce

amie Kaufman is a Product Manager for the Gliffy brand at Perforce Software. She joined the team in 2019 and completed her MBA from the University of Minnesota in 2021 with coursework in IT management, knowledge management, and marketing. In addition to her work on Gliffy, she is a self-proclaimed Confluence nerd and Atlassian Community Leader for the Twin Cities.


Deepak Giridharagopal

Chief Technology Officer of IT/Ops and Digital Media, Puppet by Perforce

Deepak is CTO of IT/Ops and Digital Media. Before that he was CTO at Puppet, working on one of the world's most popular open source configuration management tools. He has a love of infrastructure, distributed systems, and action cinema.