Gliffy’s intuitive diagramming tool makes drawing diagrams easier than ever. But how can Gliffy make all your work run a little more smoothly? Join Gliffy’s Director of Engineering, Mike Sample, for ideas on how to use diagramming to standardize and optimize your everyday work.

With simple diagrams, you’ll:

  • Make existing documents easier to understand
  • Get better feedback from your teammates
  • Improve communication, collaboration, and appreciation across teams
  • ...and more. 

If you're not using Gliffy yet, you can learn more about our apps for Confluence and Jira or Gliffy Online.

Headshot Mike Sample

Mike Sample

Director of Engineering, Gliffy

As the Director of Engineering for Gliffy, Mike Sample is committed to helping our product team create an easy-to-use but innovative diagramming tool. While he's got all the technical skill to support that title, his real talent lies in helping teams communicate and collaborate.