October 21, 2015

Connectors: Tips & Tricks

Diagrams for Businesses

A diagram wouldn't be a diagram if it didn't have connectors indicating flow or movement from one item to another. For that reason, connectors might be one of the most important features in Gliffy.

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How to Use Connectors in Gliffy

Connector vs. Line Tool

Connector vs. Line Tool

The Line Tool draws straight lines between shapes. The Connector Tool draws lines that can curve or turn at right angles. If you want your connector or line to move when your shape moves, make sure a green circle appears around the endpoint as you draw the connector or line between shapes. This tells you that the line has correctly linked to the shape.

Connector vs. Line Tool Green

Use the following shortcuts to quickly switch between tools:
Connector: CMD + 3
Line: CMD + 6

Changing Connector Colors, Arrow Tips & More

Changing Connector Colors, Arrow Tips

If you want to change the color, weight, or tip of your connector, simply click on the connector, then click the line icon that appears above the A icon. This opens a box with settings to change the color, weight, end points, and more.

Add Text to a Connector

Typing Text Directly in a Connector

To add text directly to a connector, just click on the line and start typing. If you need to move the text, click the line again and just drag and drop to move the box that appears around the text. You can keep the text directly on top of the line or offset it a bit, but it will stay linked to that connector.

Try it Yourself

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