A diagram wouldn't be a diagram if it didn't have connectors indicating flow. That's why we wanted to make sure that you knew EVERYTHING Gliffy connectors can do.



Connector vs. Line Tool
line tool v. connector tool













The Line Tool draws straight lines between shapes.
The Connector Tool draws lines that can curve or turn at right angles.
NOTE: If you want your connector to move when your shape moves, make sure a GREEN DOT appears in the place where the connector meets the shape.green dpt-connectors

Connector: CMD + 3
Line: CMD + 6

Changing Connector Colors, Arrow Tips & More
connector tool popup window copy












If you want to change the color, weight or tip of your connector, simply click on it. You will be able to make any changes in the dialog box that appears.

Typing Text Directly in a Connector
text in connector tools copy












To add text directly to a connector, click on the line and start typing. If you need to move the text, click the line again and move the box that appears around the text.