February 5, 2018

Free Online Timeline Template

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Free Online Timeline Templates

Free Timeline Template

The secret to this timeline template is its simplicity. Use it to create a high-level overview showing teams, product deadlines and when each team began work towards a given deadline.

We’ve created two different versions. One with multiple teams, timelines and products and another with one product, multiple teams and multiple milestones.

You can easily customize either of these templates to make them work better for your situation by changing months to weeks or sprints or laying out a separate track for each member of your team.

▶️  Make your own with our video tutorial, How to Make a Timeline >>

How to Use this Timeline Template

Simply click the button below to launch Gliffy Online and edit the template as you need. Your free trial of Gliffy allows you to easily drag and drop the elements of your timeline.

You can also learn more about how Gliffy helps all types of teams collaborate — from businesses to software developers.

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