On Monday we updated Gliffy Online with a bunch of small bug fixes and other minor improvements. Check out the list below for more information.

New features

* Improved Image rendering performance
* Ability to "lock" a shape
* Easier to make horizontal and vertical lines with straight line tool
* More entity-relationship line types
* Prettier Server symbol in network shapes for
* New Mail Server symbol
* New Mainframe symbol
* New Database server symbol
* Prettier laptop symbol
* Prettier printer symbol
* Prettier hub symbol
* New stairs symbols in floorplan shapes for
pretty floor plan diagrams
* Prettier door symbols
* Vertical Rule in user interface shapes for pretty user interface diagrams
* Displaying what revision is open
* Big Collaborate Diagram button under properties
* Published diagrams render faster

Bug Fixes

* Text format changes do not force save to diagram
* Snap to grid doesn't work when dragging shape off of a symbol library
* Uploading super thin images
* Crooked connector lines
* Connector Line goes crooked out of center point on shapes