We've just released an update to Gliffy Online. The focus of this release was on bug fixes and minor improvements. Highlighting the list is improved support for i18n characters when exporting files using the Google Chrome browser.


  • [GLIFFY-2037] - UML connectors get obscured by the drop shadow on Class Object
  • [GLIFFY-2078] - Connector Line Does Not Draw When Begin from Shape Red Anchor Point (XP Firefox)
  • [GLIFFY-2496] - BPMN Group Symbol should be sent to back when dropped
  • [GLIFFY-2498] - Text on Line is Not Centered (When Curved Line is Made Straight)
  • [GLIFFY-2558] - Adjusting Line Text Font size doesn't always re-center/format text
  • [GLIFFY-2567] - Copy and paste a line with a long line of text, copied line initially looks wrapped.
  • [GLIFFY-2571] - Google Apps Integration: Customers with accents in their name are unable to login via the more menu
  • [GLIFFY-2608] - When shape selected, zoom at 50%, not all characters in text box are shown in export
  • [GLIFFY-2611] - Logo Exports with During Free Trial Month
  • [GLIFFY-2622] - When you rotate grouped shapes, middle shape jumps
  • [GLIFFY-2623] - When opening Lady Gaga template, sometimes Fresh shapes show up first.
  • [GLIFFY-2627] - Flash Error when Deleteing Shapes
  • [GLIFFY-2630] - SWOT template has visual aritfacts
  • [GLIFFY-2651] - No response from Clicking Zoom Out Button After Clicking Zoom In Button
  • [GLIFFY-179] - Tile Floor and Wood Floor should not have locked aspect ratio


  • [GLIFFY-2560] - Add statements about Private Diagrams remaining Private after account reverts to Basic
  • [GLIFFY-2568] - With a shape selected, when mousing over fill color to in colorpicker, have shape color change.