Power outages or browser crashes giving you the blues? Even worse, you're in the middle of creating that soon to be Emmy nominated flowchart on how to improve the stability of your new computer when good ol' Murphy lays down the law. If you've been working on a diagram and suddenly something crashes that makes it look like you've lost your work, don't fear, Auto-save to the rescue. Just re-launch your browser, and launch Gliffy, and when you re-open the diagram, you will see a banner at the top asking you if would like to recover the unsaved draft of this document. Just click the Recover Draft link, and viola, the state of the diagram should recover to where you lost it.

This will also work if you were working on an untitled document that had not yet been saved. You can also just discard the draft if you'd like. Gliffy will save a draft of your document periodically as your work on it. You will see a notification of the draft save on the top right of Gliffy near the save button.

Along with Auto-save, we've made a number of other improvements and bug fixes to Gliffy Online. Please see the list below for all of the major updates. Happy diagramming!

Release Notes


  • [GLIFFY-240] - Create Right Arrow for Basic and Flowchart shapes
  • [GLIFFY-2462] - Logging into another Gliffy and then clicking Save As from old Gliffy, doesn't give login dialog
  • [GLIFFY-3303] - HUD will stay on if holding mouse and editing text in Firefox
  • [GLIFFY-3592] - Undo twice after moving straight line then ortho line is not working.
  • [GLIFFY-3606] - When Zoomed, CTRL+Arrow for stage does not work correctly
  • [GLIFFY-3728] - Remove jagged corners from UML Node shape
  • [GLIFFY-3786] - Gliffy prices are identifying local currency but not converting prices


  • [GLIFFY-1673] - Permit Duplicate Account Names / Organization Names
  • [GLIFFY-3046] - Stage scrolling issue while increasing the size of shape
  • [GLIFFY-3539] - Text shapes in group selections are preventing other shape properties from showing up (like background/line color)
  • [GLIFFY-3605] - Text Properties should be default tab when checking properties for Text shapes
  • [GLIFFY-3742] - Online Autosave Client
  • [GLIFFY-3798] - Correct Association Connector to be dashed line for BPMN