You've created that large diagram mapping the universe, but can't seem to easily get from one edge to the other, without the use of wormholes or teleportation (in progress). Well, we've now included a page navigator feature to help with this. The page navigator gives you a small birds-eye view of your entire diagram so that you can easily pan or click to any portion of your diagram. It also provides simple zoom controls so you can quickly add in those fine details.

You can toggle the the page navigator on or off with a simple control on the tool bar at the top of Gliffy.

In this update, we've also made various bug fixes to things like text properties and shape mutation, as well as other stability patches. See a complete list of updates in the release notes below. Happy diagramming!

Release Notes


  • [GLIFFY-3459] - Text Properties not refreshing correctly when entering brand new text in prepopulated shape
  • [GLIFFY-3538] - On copy/paste and then Undo, properties icon is still there after shape disappears
  • [GLIFFY-3625] - Justify buttons unselecting when clicking on selected state
  • [GLIFFY-3877] - 3 Lane Swimlane looks distorted when initially changing to 2 lane.
  • [GLIFFY-3941] - Document Manager Dialog Edit drop down remains open on stage after hitting ESC..
  • [GLIFFY-3942] - Rotation handle can be hidden by Contextual Properties popup
  • [GLIFFY-4010] - Properties not staying open after shape alignment
  • [GLIFFY-4018] - Clicking and holding objects/selections where a portion is outside the bottom of the viewport will cause them to be moved down.


  • [GLIFFY-3642] - Not rounding off the decimal places for width and height after entry
  • [GLIFFY-3876] - Changing X/Y of shape to off of viewable stage, should relocate stage to make shape viewable
  • [GLIFFY-4065] - When using the rest API to start from a template (copy) also copy over the template's image

New Feature

  • [GLIFFY-1962] - Enable Navigator View in Document Properties, Thumbnail view of entire Diagram
  • [GLIFFY-3290] - Add product pricing tab on top of new plugin licensing page
  • [GLIFFY-258] - Preferred paper size should be saved for each user