Gliffy Online Update: Ready to work...

We've just released an update to Gliffy Online, coinciding with the release of Starcraft 2. This release contains numerous tweaks and fixes to our systems. We did manage to sprinkle in a few new features, too. Here are a few of the highlights of this release:

  • Fixed the rendering of ERD line endings
  • Fixed flat edges on Basic and Flowchart Classic skin shapes that had no border
  • Grouping of certain shapes not remembered across saves
  • Link maps are now exact in published diagrams
  • Moved ad banner so it doesn't block text properties
  • Added a few new templates and improved others
  • BPMN Annotation line does not disappear now in SVG export
  • Added a shortcut, F2, to automatically edit text on an object
  • Folder list in document manager disappearing
  • Added border around Account Images to better see smaller uploaded images
  • Fixed a few issues around saving when someone had logged into another instance of Gliffy

Click here to see a full list of issues resolved in this release.

Happy drawing and long live Terrans!