Drawing a Venn diagram with Gliffy takes just minutes. Give it a try using the intuitive Gliffy interface and soon you’ll be diagramming like a pro.

First add Venn diagram shapes to your Shape Library by clicking ‘More Shapes’ and ticking the Venn Diagram box.

Venn - Add Venn Shapes

From the Venn Diagram Radial section, drag in circles of three different colors and arrange them so they all overlap.

Venn - 3 Circles

To add labels, select the Text Tool from the Icon Bar. Click inside one of the circles and type away. Holding the Shift key and hitting Return will insert a non-paragraph line break, which can be useful.

Venn - Text Tool

Venn - Open Text Properties

Open Edit Text Properties to change text style, alignment, font, font size, or color. You can also embed hyperlinks directly in your Gliffy diagram.

Venn - Edit Text Propeties

To change the properties of only some of the text in a text block, select the elements you want to change and then adjust the settings. For this example, align the text left, set it all to 14 pixels, and then make just 'Pirate' 24 pixels.

Hit the Escape key twice to return to the Pointer tool. Use the pointer to drag your text into a good position.

Venn - Move Text

Now use the Text Tool to label your other sets, the union of each pair of sets, and the union of all sets. In our example, we made the text in the union of all sets bold for emphasis.

Venn - How To

When you’re done, invite others to collaborate on your Gliffy diagram or publish it to the web using the Share menu. You can also print or export your Venn diagram for use with PowerPoint, Keynote, or other software using the File menu.

Want to elevate your Venn diagram to the next level? See our post on Venn diagram types & templates.

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