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How to Create UML Diagrams with Gliffy

Written by Zack Kushner | Mar 04, 2016

Drawing UML diagrams with Gliffy is easy regardless of which type of diagram you want to create. All you need to do is spend a couple of minutes playing with the intuitive Gliffy interface and you’ll be diagramming like a pro. In this UML diagram creation walk-through we’ll assemble a package diagram, but these same techniques apply to all diagram types.

First, add UML shapes to your Gliffy Shape Library. Click ‘More Shapes’ at the bottom of the Shape Library and expand the Software Design section so you can select ‘UML 1.0’.


From the UML 1.0 section of your Shape Library, drag a package symbol onto your canvas. While it’s selected, simply type to give it a label. Try it by typing “Finance.”


Each time you select an object in Gliffy, you have the option of editing its properties (and, if applicable, the properties of the text within it). Open Edit Shape Properties now to change this shape’s color to yellow.

With the shape still selected, hit Command-D twice to duplicate it twice. Then, select and drag the duplicates into a column. Label these new shapes “Reservation” and “Resource” as pictured below.

Use your mouse to select all three and you’ll see Edit Group Properties instead of Edit Shape Properties.

Use these group properties settings to align the three shapes to the left and to distribute them evenly along the vertical axis.

Next, duplicate any of these shapes three more times to add three more package symbols to your diagram.

Turn on Snap to Grid and Drawing Guides by clicking those icons in the Icon Bar. These tools help you neatly align these new package symbols with the ones already placed.

Arrange your new shapes, label them, and edit their color — using the techniques you just learned — to match the picture below.

To finish, just add connectors. Select the Connector icon from the Icon Bar and draw in connectors between your packages as pictured. Open Edit Line Properties to select if you want your connectors to have arrowheads, to change the line’s style, and to select the line’s type.

Connect all your package symbols up and you’re ready to share, publish, export, or invite others to collaborate on your UML diagram.