That flowchart you made in Gliffy Online is getting too big. Plus, you want to give an nice flowing presentation of it to your boss so you can get that shiny new Bugatti Veyron as a bonus. This is where embedding links in the off-page-connector-flowchart-symbol and public diagrams comes in. In your Gliffy flowchart, instead of including the sub flows in the main flow, create a new diagram for each sub flow, and use an off-page connector symbol (in the flowchart symbol library) to show the link to the sub flow, just use text for now. Now, go ahead and publish each diagram, recording the public URL's to each sub flow diagram. Finally, in the main flow diagram, for each off-page connector, add text that is a link to that sub flow diagram. You now have a way of easily presenting a large process flow, with clickable links to each sub flow. You can also create links in the sub flow back to the main flow or other sub flows.