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AWS architecture diagram

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud platform that offers solutions for storage, analytics, security and more. AWS architecture diagrams allow you to clearly communicate the design and deployment of your AWS infrastructure.

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AWS Diagram Examples

AWS architecture diagrams allow IT and system administrators to document AWS infrastructure visually for better clarity and efficiency.
AWS diagram example

How to Make an AWS Architecture Diagram

With drag-and-drop AWS icons and an intuitive interface, making an AWS architecture diagram is fast and easy.

Example made with the Gliffy AWS architecture diagram tool

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An easy AWS architecture diagram tool

Gliffy Diagram’s convenient features make it ideal for creating AWS architecture diagrams.

Draw AWS diagrams fast

Draw diagrams fast

Drag and drop AWS icons or import your own images.

Share and collaborate

Share and collaborate

Share your AWS diagram, then choose who can view and edit it.

Integrate with Atlassian

Integrate with Atlassian

Add AWS diagrams directly to Jira and Confluence instances.



Import existing AWS diagrams, then export new iterations.

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