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Lucidchart vs. Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence: Key Differences

Native Diagramming

Gliffy is built into Confluence, so you can natively create and edit diagrams.

Access More Diagrams

Hit the ground diagramming with more templates and searchable diagram content.

Pin Your Versions

Reveal your latest version when you’re ready with version pinning.

Free Trials to Get Started

Get started fast in any of our leading diagramming apps.

Share Outside of Confluence

With Gliffy, every link to a diagram is always up to date. (Lucidchart can't do that!)

Save and Draft Intuitively

Gliffy works just like Confluence. Create a draft & publish when you’re ready.

Customize Configurations

Gliffy lets you customize viewing and editing permissions at the page level.

Import From Lucidchart

Already use Lucidchart? Import your diagrams directly into Gliffy with our mass import feature.

6 Reasons You’ll Love Gliffy

By the Numbers:
Diagramming in Confluence

Gliffy vs. Lucidchart users: Gliffy = over 18 million users, Lucidchart = over 6 million users.

Users per install:

Gliffy vs. Lucidchart users per install: Gliffy = 770+, Lucidchart = 210+

Enterprise Teams Choose Gliffy

The more information you're juggling, the more you should lean toward Gliffy.

Gliffy is trusted by 18 million users — more than any other diagramming app for Confluence and Jira.

  • Link diagrams to other pages, allowing your content to be as specific or high-level as every user needs.
  • Place one diagram in multiple places on your Confluence or Jira instance. Make edits to the core diagram and every duplicate is automatically updated.
  • Use your team's existing diagrams as a template for your next drawing.

Plus, you can use Gliffy as a standalone online diagramming tool with our Enterprise plan — a more affordable Lucidchart alternative.

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