Collaborate on Confluence Diagrams in Real Time

Real-time collaboration is the newest way Gliffy helps teams take tasks from “to do” to “done” with ease. Whether you’re brainstorming with your team, collaborating on a technical diagram, or anything in between, everyone can work on the same diagram directly in Confluence — no extra saves, logins, or imports necessary.

Why Use Gliffy for Diagramming?

With over 16 million users and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Gliffy's Atlassian apps help teams of all types make diagrams and communicate visually.

Learn how Gliffy's Confluence and Jira diagram and flowchart apps can help your team in the tools you already use. 

Product Brief

Gliffy's Confluence and Jira Cloud Apps are Free for up to 10 Users

The Most Popular Confluence App

Add everything from architecture diagrams to UML diagrams (and diagrams that start with Z, if you have them). Your Confluence pages will never look better.

The smoothest diagramming experience out there.

As you drag and drop your way to the perfect diagram, Gliffy gives you pixel-by-pixel detail. For 13 years, our intuitive user experience and interface help teams start using Gliffy in a snap.

Linked diagrams = your team's always up to date.

The more info you've got to share, the better Gliffy works for your team. Make an update on one of your diagrams in Confluence, and all its linked duplicates and embed links in other tools will automatically update, too.

Search within a diagram to find info fast.

With Gliffy, the text included in your diagrams is fully searchable and securely managed within Confluence, so your whole team can trust diagrams as an accessible source of truth.

Cloud Fortified for quick, secure collaboration.

Gliffy is the only Cloud Fortified diagramming app, meaning it meets Atlassian's highest standards for security, reliability, and support. Editing, commenting, and viewing permissions on your diagrams are securely managed through Confluence. Share your ideas fast, all while we keep your data safe.

Work faster together with real-time collaboration. 

If you’re collaborating on visuals for your Confluence pages, you’ll never have to use another tool for real-time working sessions again. Create, collaborate, and publish all directly in Confluence.

Bring pages to life with interactive diagramming.

Gliffy is the only way to create interactive diagrams in Confluence, allowing viewers to toggle diagram layers on and off to reveal different levels of detail. Perfect for visualizing complex structures and processes. 

"Gliffy is really handy. No need to open another tool and upload to Confluence."

- Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence Server User


Diagram in Jira with the Original Atlassian Marketplace App

Draft your roadmap, plan your workflow, or highlight exactly where you need a change. Collaboration gets even easier with visuals and our Jira diagram tool is the solution.

Create a Diagram Quickly & Easily in a Few Clicks

Start visualizing your work with Gliffy's native Jira integration. Gliffy features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and allows users to export their diagrams in multiple formats, including JPEG, PNG, and SVG.

Improve Communication with a Time-Tested Add-On

Add Gliffy flowcharts, UI wireframes, ERD, UML, BPMN, and network diagrams directly to your Jira issue to communicate your ideas visually, making them easy to understand, and faster to spread through your issue watchers.

Collaborate Better with a Native Jira Diagram App

Gliffy Diagrams for Jira is easy to share and collaborate on with your team. Show bug reproduction steps using a flowchart, indicate IT needs with a network diagram, or display a product design by using a wireframe.

"Perfectly harmonious with Jira."

- Gliffy Diagrams for Jira Cloud User

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