What’s New in Gliffy?


New Features

Create pie charts in Gliffy with our new dynamic shape format.

To add a pie chart, just click More Shapes in the lower left of the editor, then select the new Charts shape library. Then, drag and drop the pie chart style you’d like to use. From there, you can edit the colors, section titles, and percentages under the gear icon.

🎬  Video: Pie Chart Tutorial >>

Diagram faster with our new Shape Picker UI.

When you’re diagramming using the basic or flowchart shape library, you’ll have the option to select the next shape in your diagram through a new modal that appears on the drawing board. This means less dragging and dropping shapes from the left side panel, saving you time and keeping your eyes on the prize: your awesome diagram.
To try this new feature, make sure you’re drawing with the basic or flowchart shape libraries.

🎬  Video: Flowcharting with Gliffy's Shape Picker >>

Important Updates

Cloud Migration Assistant Compatibility

We made updates to both our Confluence and Jira apps to ensure that migration via Atlassian’s Cloud Migration Assistant is fast and seamless. For more information about using the Cloud Migration Assistants, review Atlassian’s documentation on the apps:

Aligning with the Cloud Fortified Apps Program

An important part of our participation within the Cloud Fortified Apps program is our ability to work in partnership with Atlassian to monitor availability and reliability metrics like uptime. As part of this release, our Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud apps are further aligned with Atlassian’s systems in order to facilitate that partnership. 

If you’re not familiar with the program, check out our blog, What are Cloud Fortified Apps?

Other Updates & Improvements

  • Updated templates in the Gliffy editor
  • New shape libraries, including updated GCP shapes
  • Improved scrolling within the editor
  • Bug fixes and improvements

The changes detailed here are available in Confluence Cloud, Confluence Server version 9.3.0, Confluence Data Center version 9.3.0, Jira Cloud, Jira Server version 6.2.1, and Jira Data Center version 6.2.1.