October 18, 2022

Creating Confluence Pages That Keep Your Team Engaged

Getting Started

If you’ve ever worked on a team that uses Confluence, this is probably a familiar story:

You know that you should be using Confluence as a knowledge base, but it’s hard to find the time to read through long pages to find what you need. And you might not even know where to begin, because the amount of information is so overwhelming. 

Or maybe you’re on the other side, creating Confluence pages full of important information that your team needs, but you’re not getting the engagement you hoped for. Your team just isn’t using the resources you’ve created for them.

Whether you’re a creator or a reader, ineffective Confluence pages are frustrating, inconvenient, and don’t take advantage of all that Confluence has to offer as a collaborative workspace. 

So how do you fix these problems and create Confluence pages your team will actually want to read? Here are three keys to better engagement on Confluence, and we’ll dive into each one:

Format Your Page for Readability 

The way a page is set up has a major impact on how readers interact with written content, and how easily they can comprehend and remember what they’re reading. If a page isn’t formatted for readability, it’s common for readers’ eyes to glaze over and for them to miss important information or stop reading altogether. If it is, on the other hand, it’s easier for readers to find the information they need.


Confluence has several options for templates that you can choose from when you are creating a new page. They are specific to various purposes, such as status updates or business processes, so choose one that fits the page’s content and allow it to help you organize information.

The Confluence team has built hundreds of templates that make creating Confluence pages even easier — Gliffy even helped create an event planning template for Confluence that’ll give you a head start. 

Gliffy's event planning template for Confluence

Explore Your Options! 

There are many more macros you can implement depending on how you’re using Confluence and what kind of information you need to convey. Some of them are included in Confluence, and others are add-ons that you can find on the Atlassian Marketplace. 

If there’s something you wish you could do in Confluence to give your pages an extra visual boost that we haven’t covered here, make sure to investigate macros—there just might be one that meets your needs.

Start Creating the Confluence Pages Your Team Needs 

With a few formatting tips and macros at your disposal, you’ll be ready to create more powerful Confluence pages that your team will want to read. 

While you’re at it, make sure to check out some of our other Confluence best practices or documentation tips to help you make the most out of your team’s workspace. If you're new to Confluence, our Confluence guide for beginners can also help you as you're getting started.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Gliffy can help you bring your Confluence pages to life and make Confluence a better source of information and collaboration for your team, it’s free to try it out, so you can get started today!