May 15, 2024

How the Latest Atlassian Intelligence Updates Elevate Your Confluence Documentation


If you had the chance to catch any sessions or were following along on social media, you won’t be surprised to hear that Atlassian’s primary focus at Team ‘24 was AI — specifically Atlassian Intelligence, the AI technology infused throughout Atlassian’s Cloud products.

At Gliffy, Confluence is our area of expertise, and we’re happy to report there was no shortage of exciting Confluence-related announcements among all the Atlassian Intelligence news. Here’s a summary of how these latest updates can enhance your experience building, maintaining, and using documentation in Confluence. 

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Documentation is only helpful if it’s easy to find what you need. Making that happen is one of the goals of Atlassian Intelligence. These search-related improvements make it faster and easier to gather information so you can spend more time in your workday getting things done. 

Semantic Understanding in Confluence Search 

When you use Google, you can phrase your searches like you would ask a question in a conversation (“how do I change the oil in my car?”) and it understands what you’re asking and can serve accurate, helpful results even though your query includes words that don’t directly relate to your search.

Confluence search will now be able to function in a similar way. With a deeper understanding of search intent, Atlassian Intelligence will be able to generate a summarized answer for you, similar to a Quick Answer in a Google search.

AI Definitions 

If you’re reading a Confluence page and come across an organization-specific term you’re not familiar with, Atlassian Intelligence will be able to pull from information across your Confluence space to generate a definition for you, reducing the amount of time you need to spend searching for context.

Universal Search 

Have you ever spent too much valuable time searching for information in one place when it was actually in a completely different place all along? What about gathering information from multiple sources to gain all the context you need?

Atlassian is helping teams eliminate time wasted on searching for information by making search universal to all Atlassian Cloud products. This means when you search for something in Confluence, you won’t only see results from Confluence, but also from Jira, Trello, and any other Atlassian tools your organization uses. 

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Get a Head Start on Process Documentation With Loom Videos

Wait, isn’t this blog supposed to be about Confluence?

It is! With the latest updates to Atlassian Intelligence, Loom and Confluence will now be able to work together in new and exciting ways to enhance your process documentation.

AI will be able to generate summaries, tables of contents, and transcripts of Loom videos to make them more digestible and engaging as an alternative to in-person meetings. Then, you can use an AI-generated video summary to create a new Confluence page that pulls in the objective, main points, and more from the video.  

This means one of your technical team members can create a walkthrough video of a process or workflow which Atlassian Intelligence can use to automate a first draft of process documentation.

Then, all you have to do to take your process documentation to the next level is make it easy to understand at a glance with a process flowchart or workflow diagram. (If you use Gliffy, you’ll be able to save time on that step, too — Gliffy allows you to add diagrams to documentation without ever leaving Confluence and create diagrams from code using Mermaid markdown!)

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Improve Understanding and Workflows With Atlassian Rovo 

One of Atlassian’s biggest announcements of the week was the launch of a new product, Atlassian Rovo, which is made to help organizations find information and collaborate effectively.

Improve Understanding

Rovo is built with AI, and its purpose is to draw information from across multiple sources to give you answers fast. It helps you consolidate enterprise knowledge and maximize the usefulness of the base of knowledge contained within your Atlassian products and other connected tools.

For example, Rovo has a chat function that allows you to ask questions related to projects you’re working on or terms you have encountered, and it will provide you an answer based on information you have access to throughout your workspace.

Automate Workflows

Another key addition to the Atlassian ecosystem with Rovo is “agents,” which are AI assistants that can automate certain time-consuming tasks and workflows. When it comes to documentation, these agents could potentially be helpful for organizing page structures or applying visual standards for consistency across all pages.

As Rovo continues to grow and develop, a year from now (or even sooner!) there will likely be even more helpful agents that can help you unlock new processes that save your team time and effort while making your documentation more effective than ever.

Learn more about Rovo from Atlassian >> 

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Learn More About Atlassian Intelligence & Dive Into Documentation

These updates for Confluence will make your documentation easier to use and faster to develop, but Atlassian also announced plenty of Atlassian Intelligence-related updates to other products during Team ‘24. You can check out Atlassian’s blog to learn more about all the latest improvements across the Atlassian ecosystem.

If you’re ready to start developing your documentation with the help of Atlassian Intelligence, don’t miss these Confluence documentation resources:

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