December 15, 2020

AWS Architecture Diagram Examples and Templates for Gliffy's AWS Architecture Diagram Tool

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Whether you’re a cloud architecture diagram pro or need help with how to make an AWS architecture diagram, examples and templates will certainly help. That’s where Gliffy has your back.

Save time with drag-and-drop AWS shapes or get started with one of our AWS templates.

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AWS Diagram Examples

Basic AWS Architecture Diagram Example

Get started with this basic AWS diagram template.

Basic AWS Architecture Diagram Example

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AWS 3-Tier Architecture Example

A 3-tier architecture will allow you to develop and maintain a presentation layer, application layer, and data layer as independent modules.

AWS 3-tier architecture example

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AWS 2-Tier Architecture Example

Using a 2-tier architecture means that a presentation layer runs on a client while a data layer is stored on a server. 

AWS 2 tier architecture example

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Oracle E-Business Suite on AWS Diagram Example

Oracle EBS is a set of customer relationship and supply chain management applications. While often run on Oracle Cloud, here’s how it was set up with AWS.

Example of Oracle suite on AWS

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AWS Network Architecture Example

This AWS network contains separate public, private, and utility subnets within the cloud.

Basic AWS network architecture template

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AWS Elastic Load Balancer Network Diagram

With multiple EC2 instances, this network uses Elastic Load Balancer to distribute traffic across availability zones.

Example and template of an AWS Network with Elastic Load Balancer

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Remote Management AWS Diagram

This example shows how a network was set up to allow for remote management and administration.

Remote management AWS diagram template and example

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AWS Varnish Behind Elastic Load Balancer Diagram

Elastic load balancing distributes application traffic to multiple instances or containers within your application.

Example of AWS varnish deployed behind ELB

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AWS Varnish Deployment Architecture

Varnish Enterprise and Varnish Cache increase the speed of web loading time by re-serving a page from a user’s cache. In this version, Varnish is deployed across three availability zones.

Varnish deployment architecture example

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AWS Varnish Deployment Alternative Architecture

This example describes Varnish deployed across two availability zones.

Example and template of a varnish deployment architecture

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How to Use these AWS Architecture Diagram Examples in Gliffy

If you’re already a Gliffy user in Confluence, Jira, or Gliffy Online, you can use any template to give yourself a head start on your next diagram. AWS architecture diagrams are a great way to document your enterprise cloud strategy or describe your existing service architecture.

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Otherwise, you can start a free trial to use any of the templates above (and hundreds more!).