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February 8, 2018

How to Draw AWS Architecture Diagrams Online

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How to Create an AWS Diagram in 4 Steps

With Gliffy, the easiest AWS architecture diagram tool, making an AWS diagram is fast and simple. So simple, we'll show you how to do it in 4 steps.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It’s Amazon’s Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Cloud IaaS) offering. It provides on-demand solutions for data storage and movement, and fills a wide array of IT needs, allowing companies to scale up instantly and only pay for what they need. AWS was launched in 2006, and has since become one of the most popular cloud platforms currently available. Gliffy runs on AWS and our team documents changes to our infrastructure using Gliffy diagrams.

AWS Simple Icons (often called shapes) fall into several buckets: Compute, Storage, Database, Networking, Content Delivery, Application Services, Deployment and Management, Monitoring and Non-Service Specific. New shapes are added as new offerings become available.


Step 1: Open AWS Shapes

To create an AWS diagram in Gliffy, start by scrolling down to the "more shapes" section of the shape library and select "AWS simple icons"

More AWS shapes library

Step 2: Create a Base for Your AWS Diagram

Use basic and flowchart shapes to create your base structure and decide how to lay out your diagram. You can change the line width, pattern and color by clicking on your shape and making changes in the pop up window.


Step 3: Draw an AWS Architecture Diagram 

Once your structure is in place, simply drag-and-drop the AWS shapes you need. If you’d like to add logos of other services you use in conjunction with AWS, it’s easy to add them to the Gliffy canvas by finding the images online then dragging and dropping them directly onto your canvas. You can save time by starting with an AWS architecture diagram template.


Step 4: Share the AWS Architecture

Once your diagram is complete, you can share it with your coworkers and select whether they can view, edit or comment on it.

Not seeing the shape you need? You can also download Amazon’s latest shapes here and drag and drop them into Gliffy or upload your own custom library.

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