What are AWS icons?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has been a game changer for DevOps teams, allowing them to obtain, adjust quantities and pay for only the services they need at a fraction of a cost, in less time, and with smaller in-house teams. And rather than resting on their laurels, AWS offerings are constantly being evolved and adjusted to make DevOps' life even easier.

To make documenting their infrastructure and offerings easy, Amazon's brilliant designers have created icons to represent every service they provide. And as the offerings are always evolving, so are the shapes. The most updated versions can always be found and downloaded here.


AWS icon template

We at Gliffy, thought it would be useful to create a template with all the most up-to-date AWS simple icons (which you can use as a starting point for creating your own network documentation). Please be patient, since there are so many shapes, the template will take a minute to load. Also, we recommend that you view it at 50% zoom since the shapes are large (for optimal resolution).


4 tips for drawing diagrams with AWS icons

Here are some tips for perfecting your AWS diagrams with an AWS architecture diagram tool.

1. Adjust multiple shape sizes at once

Changing shape of multiple AWS shapes gif

Once you've got the shapes you need, select the group by using the arrow tool from the toolbar (or select the whole canvas by using command + A), and adjust them to the size you want all at once.

2. Put a box around shapes

sending shapes to back

In order to make your diagram neat, put boxes around your grouping of shapes. Our favorite method is to select the rectangle tool from the toolbar, draw a box around your shapes then select the "send to back" button from the toolbar to push the box behind the shapes.

3. Change border type, color, and background

changing border type, color etc

Make your diagram even more attractive by changing the border type, thickness and color and adjusting the color of your box. Check out all the different options available in the pop up box when you select the box housing your shapes.

4. Add images from your desktop

dragging and dropping shapes

Want to add your company logo or other apps your DevOps structure relies on? You can drag any .png, .svg. or .jpg image from your desktop directly on to the Gliffy canvas. Just drag and drop. It's that simple. Give it a try!

Draw AWS diagram