In the last 10 days, we've invited nearly 1500 people to try out the beta version of Gliffy. We've been getting lots of excellent feedback which will surely help us to dramatically improve the product. THANK YOU BETA USERS! You're the best!

Several of our beta users have been kind enough to write about us as well. Here are a few we've found:

- Michael Sica - "gliffy is pretty impressive."
- Fred Cavazza (english translation) - translated quote: "...very impressive."
- t. - "...I found it a useful, intuitive, and visually pleasing tool."
- A Zulu In Silicon Valley - "This is really cool if you're looking to share flwocharts, which is currently a huge pain of MS Visio."
- Ben Atkin - "...I am pretty impressed by the program overall."
- Billy BLOGirlardo - Making A Diagram In A Jiffy With Gliffy
- Francine Lévesque - "...I find the features are easy to navigate and use"
- Tom Smith’s: theOTHERblog - "I like it."

Check out Technorati where you can see a whole bunch of blog postings from other folks too. If anyone can translate some of those blogs in Chinese we would love to know what they're saying.... (The google language tools for Chinese doesn't quite do it)

We are extremely grateful for all your feedback and support. Thank you!