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Why Do Over 18 Million Users Choose Gliffy?

1. Deep and Powerful Atlassian Integrations

If you’re an Atlassian user, Gliffy is the diagramming solution for you.

Gliffy has the deepest Atlassian integrations of any diagramming app, and a long history of working alongside Atlassian. In fact, Gliffy for Confluence was one of the original apps on the Atlassian Marketplace at its launch. 

Enterprise teams who work in the Atlassian ecosystem trust Gliffy—that’s why it has three times the average account size compared to any other diagramming app on the marketplace. 

What exactly makes Gliffy’s integration with Atlassian apps so powerful? Keep reading to discover just a few of the ways Gliffy provides a smoother, deeper diagramming experience.

Diagram Directly in Confluence or Jira

You’ll never have to log into a separate program to create diagrams for your Confluence or Jira instance again—and don’t worry about embedding and updating them, either. Gliffy does all of that for you automatically. Create your diagrams without ever leaving the page, then save and publish just like you would when making any other update. 

Create Dynamic Diagrams

Create dynamic diagrams that will allow you to change the display of information to fit your needs and audiences. Expand and collapse different parts of your diagram to show only as much detail as you need, so you can work efficiently by scaling down when necessary. 

Stay Connected With Automatic Updates

Place one diagram on multiple Confluence or Jira instances and see every duplicate automatically update, so your team is never referencing old or outdated information. 

Search Text Within Diagrams

Use Confluence’s powerful search functionality to find text within diagrams. Your Gliffy diagrams are a natural extension of your Confluence page—not just when it comes to editing, but also when it comes to using them as a resource for your team.

Track and Restore Version History

View changes to Gliffy diagrams or revert to an older version in just a few clicks. When you’re collaborating, especially with large teams, this level of control is crucial to information management.

Collaborate in Real Time

The synchronous capabilities of Confluence extend to your Gliffy diagrams. Create visuals with your team in real time directly in Confluence for faster, more efficient working sessions.

2. Ease of Use, Best-in-Class Support

Gliffy’s intuitive interface complete with robust onboarding resources is the perfect combination for stress-free implementation—your team will be diagramming like pros in no time.

Plus, if you do run into any issues, our awesome support team is here to help. Reach out anytime, and our team will be on it. 

But you don’t just have to take our word for it. See what real users are saying about why they love Gliffy: 

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"Super simple to use and self-teach. There is a variety of searchable icons, visuals and images, and everything 'snaps' into place."
– Bryan, Business Analyst

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"Intuitive to use and feature-rich, attentive to customer support and introducing upgrades that are meaningful to the user."
– User in Management Consulting

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"Gliffy is constant and reliable, quick and easy to create technical diagrams. I find it relatively intuitive and fast to use, and it's great to have all my diagrams in one place in the cloud."
– Mike, Technical Writer

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"I've tried the other web based diagramming tools and always came back to Gliffy. It's the ease of use and the shape libraries that seal the deal."
– Rob, Head of Architecture

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"Very clean design, easily creatable custom shape libraries, and simple editing tools make this a fun tool to work with for the majority of my design work. I'm in this tool daily!"
– Consultant in Information Technology and Services

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"Gliffy is a terrific diagramming tool, and we use it with Atlassian Confluence. Gliffy integrates seamlessly with Confluence, making it easy for users to create new diagrams right from the page they are working on."
– Consultant in Information Technology and Services

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