In this quick use case diagram tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a use case diagram in UML with Gliffy. We’ll cover:

  • How to set up the diagram tool with UML shapes
  • The basics of actors, systems, use cases, and relationships
  • How use case diagrams help you understand what functionality you need to build

Want to try it for yourself? Make a use case diagram in UML by signing up for a free trial of Gliffy Online.

If you're new to UML, check out our UML Basics resource, check out some examples in our use case diagram blog, or learn more about other types of UML diagrams in our blog post, UML Diagram Types and Templates.



Use case diagrams are just one of many types of UML diagrams. Check out all our UML diagramming resources for more help learning how to make these diagrams and when to use them.

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