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Customizing Shapes & Connectors in Gliffy

One of the most effective ways to make your diagrams look more professional is to customize the properties of your shapes and connectors. Doing this can make the difference between … Continue Reading →

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What Is Business Process Model Notation (BPMN)?

Business-process modeling notation, or “BPMN,” is used to create graphical, flow-chart representations of business processes. It’s an important element of business-process management, also known as “BPM.” With BPMN, business leaders … Continue Reading →

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How to Get to Super(B) owl 50 on Time!

‘Sup bro! How ’bout them sports-ballers, huh? Playing that sports-ball so well they get to compete in Super Bowl 50 — which is both a pleasingly round number and right … Continue Reading →

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Scrum: What It Is and How It Works

Some of you may remember the far away and long ago 1990s. A time when personal computers were a relatively new thing, software engineers had not been issued their standard … Continue Reading →


How (and Why) to Make a Swimlane Diagram

Swimlanes (aka functional bands, multi-column charts, or Rummler-Brache diagrams) illustrate how processes involving multiple contributors progress through their various chronological stages. That may sound complicated, but in practice swimlanes are … Continue Reading →

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Quick Overview of the Gliffy Toolbar

A toolbar is a toolbar is a toolbar. Right? But how often do you actually take the time to familiarize yourself with all the toolbar functions of your favorite software? … Continue Reading →


How to Improve Remote Teams’ Communication

We learn to speak before we stop needing diapers, so why is communication such a challenge? And if you think being on the same page when everyone’s in one office … Continue Reading →

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Entity Relationship Diagrams: Symbols & Meaning

The Entity-Relationship Model is used for describing data and the relationship between different entities in a database. It creates a visual map outlining process requirements and detailing connections among entities … Continue Reading →

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Passing It Forward

“We want the clients who ‘shop’ with us to only have the best,” said the young woman showing us the ropes in a sorting room at St. Anthony’s. “What makes … Continue Reading →

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How to Draw a Venn Diagram

Although Venn diagrams are sometimes associated with our younger years, these super simple, circle-based diagrams are useful in many aspects of adult life. Named after John Venn, who conceived the … Continue Reading →