Just in time to go watch game 4 of the series, we've just updated Gliffy Online with an exciting new feature... Tabs. You can now open, create and view multiple documents at once within the Gliffy editor. This should speed up your productivity by allowing you to compare multiple documents more easily, as well as make copying and pasting elements between diagrams a breeze.

A new tab will be opened when creating a new document or opening an existing document. The tab will contain the document title and version number. If a document is private, a gray lock will show next to the name. If the document is public, an orange open lock will show next to the name. Also, if the document has been changed, a star (*) will appear next to the name. Also, if you want the open a new tab to either create a new document or open an existing document, just click the plus (+) button to the right of the tabs.

This feature will be added to the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence and JIRA very soon. In the meantime, please send us any feedback you have on this new feature.

We also completed many bug fixes and improvements for this release. A complete list is below:


  • [GLIFFY-2215] - Switching Accounts forces user to open a new diagram (or create a blank diagram)
  • [GLIFFY-2217] - Preview image from another folder remains when clicking to a new folder
  • [GLIFFY-2581] - Application Stalls after renaming diagram
  • [GLIFFY-2586] - In IE, published image is not being sized correctly.
  • [GLIFFY-2668] - New Diagram cannot be deleted until opened for a 2nd time
  • [GLIFFY-2714] - "Fit to Screen" results in a Small Margin of Diagram to not display (upper left)


  • [GLIFFY-2316] - Modifications to 'Welcome Back' Dialog (First Screen Existing Users See after Login)
  • [GLIFFY-2436] - Usability: When editing a blank document, it should say "Untitled" where normally a title would appear
  • [GLIFFY-2437] - Usability: Closing an existing document should result in a blank canvas and not an open dialog
  • [GLIFFY-2655] - Have File --> Print open Page Setup dialog
  • [GLIFFY-2665] - Text in Left Arrow, Right Arrow (User Interface, Miscellaneous) should appear below shape
  • [GLIFFY-2676] - Usability: 'Manage Account' and 'Add Users' brings up the same dialog
  • [GLIFFY-2684] - Consider Placing separate tool tip for LCD and CRT computer
  • [GLIFFY-2692] - Rename Dialogue Should Remain Above Document Manager
  • [GLIFFY-2698] - Consider Placing separate tool tip for CRT workstation
  • [GLIFFY-2699] - Tool tip of wireless modem showing only wireless
  • [GLIFFY-2701] - Consider Updation of drawing guide in user manual
  • [GLIFFY-2710] - Add "print to pdf" button to the "Page Set Up" Dialog

New Feature

  • [GLIFFY-231] - Multiple Tabs within Editor
  • [GLIFFY-537] - Support Copy/Paste between multiple Gliffy Diagrams open at once
  • [GLIFFY-1585] - Open multiple documents at once (in multiple browser tabs or windows would be fine)