The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence is the first product that we charge for. We had what we thought was a pretty good month in December, so we thought we'd celebrate with a round of Golf at the Half Moon Bay Ocean Course. The weather was great. Not bad for January, eh?

Clint: happy golfer
Clint enjoying a fine day on the course

Clint is a golfing fanatic. There is a reason why a few of our examples involve golf. Me..... I've golfed 3-4 times in the last.... um.... 5 years, but with some good tips from my Dad when we golfed last month, and some more help from Clint, I managed to get through 18 holes without loosing too many balls.

Clint has some excellent commentary as I do my (ahem) best putting of the day:

In the mean time, we've been working hard wrapping up some new features for hosted Gliffy. We're really excited about the new features, and you should expect to hear more about these in the next few days.