In this issue:

  • New feature in Gliffy Online: Yahoo image search
  • Clint's Drawing Tip o' the month: Diagram resizing
  • Gliffy Plugin for Confluence 1.1.0 released
  • Gliffy in action: Some of our favorite diagrams
  • Green and Good Stuff: MADRE

New feature in Gliffy Online: Yahoo! image search

Ok, so this one is actually a feature we released last month. We had so much fun news to share last month, I ran out of space. Actually, I didn't want to ramble on and on and on about a million different things and have you all get bored to the point that you would just hit 'delete'. umm... are you still with me?

Anyway, Yahoo! image search! Inside Gliffy Online, you can now search for images using the Yahoo! search engine. Simply click on the "Image Search" tab on the left, enter a search term, and you get instant images to add to your diagram. Cool, eh?

Clint's Drawing Tip o' the month - Diagram resizing

Tired of small diagrams? Is 576px width by 754px height cramping your style and limiting your creative juices from spilling out on the Gliffy canvas (clean up on aisle 7 please!!)? Is your house bigger than the Gliffy floor plan page will allow? Would you like to include all steps of the process but your flow chart ran over the page? Well, worry no more! Just use our handy Page Properties on the top right of Gliffy to change the page width and page height to whatever you need. Want to print to a Landscape layout? No problem. Click the File menu and select Print Setup, then change the Printer Paper to your paper size and select Landscape. Click OK and then with the page breaks turned on (small checkbox also in the page properties area), increase your page width and height until you see the thick blue lines. These lines let you know where the printer page edges are. Then just click the print icon and make sure your printer settings are set to print to landscape mode. It's that easy! (OK, maybe not that easy, but we're going to work on making it easier in the future)

Gliffy Plugin for Confluence 1.1.0 released

Once again, here's a spiffy video showing the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence is use:

For each new release of the plugin, we'll either fix bugs, roll in features from the 'core' Gliffy diagram editor, or add in specific features that plugin users have requested. In the 1.1.0 release, which came out February 1st, we added in Unicode support, image linking, and fixed a bunch of small bugs.

Gliffy in The Real World: Some of our favorite diagrams

What are people doing with Gliffy? Here are a few examples of diagrams that people have created:


Green & Good Stuff - MADRE

Special thanks to our friend Kathryn A. for telling us about MADRE. From their web site:

"We work with women who are affected by violations to help them win justice and, ultimately, change the conditions that give rise to human rights abuses. And we challenge US policies that undermine human rights."

These people are doing some great work helping fight for human rights for women. Please consider making a donation.

Well, that's it for this month of the Gliffy Newsletter. See you next month!

Chris, Clint, and the rest of the Gliffy team