Back in 2005 when Clint, myself, and the other founders of Gliffy were contemplating what sort of product we wanted to build for our little startup, we generally focused on one central idea. We believed that most desktop software would be moving onto the web, and by leveraging our unique experience of building rich web applications, we could be a significant part of that movement.

When Google announced the Google Apps Marketplace earlier this year, a huge advancement in this movement was made. The barriers to getting small businesses on board with the web based software movement had been reduced dramatically, and we knew that it was important to integrate with this exciting new delivery platform to help fulfill our original vision.

Let's back up for a moment... what is Google Apps? Google Apps is a Google product where by Google will host your organization's email in one place, AND all the members of your organization can also get access to the other Google Apps such as spreadsheets, presentations, and more. At Gliffy, for example, we use Google Apps for our email (via Gmail), and it saves us the hassle of having to run our own mail server. With Gmail at the center of this experience, Google Apps becomes a natural portal for launching into other web based applications.

The Google Apps Marketplace is a one stop shop that lists additional web based applications, created by third party vendors, who integrate with Google Apps. Gliffy is now one of those web based applications that works with Google Apps!

How to add Gliffy to your Google Apps Domain

Here's how it works:

If you use Google Apps, and you are an administrator of your Google Apps domain, you can add Gliffy to your Google Apps by clicking on this button:

Click on the "Add it now" button on the Gliffy Listing page. From there, you can either create a new Gliffy account to link to your Google Apps Domain, or link an existing Gliffy account to your Google Apps Domain. After you've set everything up, make sure you enabled Gliffy in your Google Apps Management Dashboard or already did so in the setup process. Finally, make sure to refresh your Gmail browser window, and you should see Gliffy show up under the "more" menu. You can now log into Gliffy and create diagrams straight from your Google Apps without logging into Gliffy! Here is a great video that explains this process in more detail.

This is just the beginning. There are many great integration points with Google that we plan to leverage in the future. If you have some specific ideas about how we could integrate better with Google, or have any other feedback, please let us know!

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