Next time you have an idea, try drawing it out using Gliffy instead of writing it out. After all, picture is worth a thousand words!

In this issue:

  • New features: Links in published diagrams, UTF support, Image Upload
  • Gliffy Plugin for Confluence: 30% off until January 31st, 2007
  • $100 off from ServerBeach
  • Green and Good Stuff: Oxfam International

New feature: Links in published diagrams
We were running late getting the newsletter out this month because we were still hung over from New Years. OK, not really... we've actually been working super hard on getting some new features out the door.

First up: Links in published diagrams! Many of our wonderful Gliffy users were creating flow chartsflow charts, network diagrams and User Interface designs which contained links in them, and were sadly disappointed when they published those diagrams and the links didn't work! We have heard your cries, dear users, and I'm happy to let you know that this issue has now been resolved.
For example:

New feature: Image search and uploads
You asked for it, and we deliver! Many people have asked for the ability to upload images into their Gliffy diagrams. Do you have a favorite photo, logo, or head-shot that you were just dying to include in your Gliffy drawing? Now you can, for example:

New feature: Unicode text supported
What is Unicode? Back in the old days (you know, in the 80's) computers pretty much only understood the basic 128 character ASCII set of text characters. Of course, now that there are a few people outsize of Silicon Valley who like to use computers, we have a few more characters to deal with so that other languages can be supported. Unicode helps solve this problem. OK, it's A LOT more characters to deal with, and the reality is that Clint and I have been stuck in the 80's. Honest, I just now convinced Clint to cut off the mullet. I'm happy to say we are now much more stylish, and Unicode fonts now work in published diagrams. You can see an example here:

Gliffy Plugin for Confluence: 30% off until January 31st, 2007
The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence makes it easy to combine the power of the popular Enterprise Wiki, Confluence, with Gliffy. We're offering a 30% discount through January 31st, 2007 on this product.

See the plugin in action:

Download the plugin here

$100 off from ServerBeach
ServerBeach, a dedicated web-server hosting provider, has been helping us bring to the masses since we launched in May 2006. We are now happy to offer you a chance to save some money through ServerBeach as well. Make a purchase through ServerBeach by using this link and you'll receive $100 off your order:

Server Beach Referral Code: YHUGSH4A2J

Green & Good Stuff
Today I'd like to point out an organization that has been working hard on helping to ease the suffering of people throughout the world. Oxfam International has been involved helping communities get access to clean water, food, and shelter when they need it most. Please consider making a donation today:

Well, that's it for this month of the Gliffy Newsletter. See you next month!

Chris, Clint, and the rest of the Gliffy team.