With this release we've added some new features that should make working with Gliffy a lot easier.

New Document Manager

The first new feature you'll notice is an enhanced document manager. Since our service has been out for over a year now, users have had a chance to create many Gliffy diagrams like flow charts and network diagrams. Our most active users have literally hundreds of diagrams and the new document manager will make sorting through large numbers of documents much easier.

New Document Manager, August 2007

  • The document manager now takes up more of the screen which enables us to provide more information to you than ever
  • Diagrams can now be tagged to enable large numbers of documents to be managed and organized easier. Create a tag by entering a tag name under 'Create new tag', and then drag documents onto a tag to apply it. A document may have multiple tags applied to it.
  • We now have a preview feature which will make finding that favorite diagram of yours faster without having to actually open up the document. When a diagram is clicked once in the diagram list, a preview of that diagram is shown making it easier to see what the document is before you open it.

Larger default diagram size by default

Previously, the default document size was meant to imitate a standard sized piece of paper. In reality, we're not tied to paper as much in the wonderful internet enabled world. As a result, we've decided to break with tradition an enable a much larger drawing area by default (5000 X 5000 pixels)

We think this should make creating new drawings a lot more user friendly since you wont be constrained by a single page. You'll also find that when you 'publish' or export a document, the resulting document is automatically sized to match the contents of the drawing. Slick, eh?

Other minor improvements

  • Grid size changes when zooming
  • Default Text Format. When making text style changes, they get remembered for faster diagram editing.
  • Zooming using drop down should keep page positioned to center of view on page to make diagram navigation easier.
  • Uploaded Animated GIFs should not break export/publish
  • Performance using hand tool and scrollbars with large diagrams with the grid on is greatly improved.
  • Various other minor bugs fixed for your drawing pleasure