We'll post more about what happened shortly, but in case you're wondering, we did have a significant downtime event this morning which is now resolved. More soon....

Here's a rundown of what happened and how we plan to prevent this issue in the future. We've been growing pretty quickly, and unbeknownst to us we hit an upper limit in our database that started causing all sorts of problems. Unfortunately, this led to a situation where no additional diagram data could be saved. Even worse, when we attempted to alter the database structure to remove the upper limit that was causing us problems, we inadvertently corrupted the database. In our rush to get things up and running again, we also managed to pull a rookie move by not backing up the database before we performed the alternations. Umm, yeah, nice one, eh? Honestly, backing up might not have helped since the data become corrupted once we started hitting those upper limits, but either way we should have done it anyways. So.... if you're still reading, that means we lost all data since our last complete backup which was performed around 11PM PST last night. Egad, not good.

We know your data is critical, and the fact that we lost a chunk of it is definitely not cool. In the short term, we want to make it right, so if you were affected by the recent downtime, shoot us an email to support@gliffy.com, and we'll give you 3 months of free access to our new Premium Gliffy Online service. If you're already a paying subscriber (thanks!) we'll tack on an extra three months to your current paid period. This offer is good until Monday March 26th.

Now, the silver lining: Some of you likely noticed that we quietly launched our Premium Gliffy Online service just a few days ago. We are VERY grateful to those of you who have signed up for a subscription. Thanks to your contributions, we'll be able to begin some upgrades to the service which will enhance reliability and help ensure that the sort of issues we had today will become a distant bad memory. We're still putting together an action plan, but overall you should be aware that our next release will be light on features, and focused on improving overall application quality and reliability.

We are VERY sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, and all that we can ask is that you hang in there as we work out the kinks and create a highly reliable service.


Chris & Clint