Today we did a major update of Gliffy Online. Gliffy Online now requires the Flash Player 9 to run. This upgrade now gives Gliffy greater performance and usability. We've seen at least a double in performance gain in many key areas of the application. The upgrade to Flash Player 9 also helps us to continue to focus on improving the quality of Gliffy Online. Already, significant enhancements have been made in this release that include an improved zoom feature, right-click options, easier page navigation and better usability with shape drag and drop.

Additional New Features:

  • Improved Zoom - Huge performance boost and accuracy of position
  • New Right Click Menu options:
    • For shapes: cut, copy, delete, send to front/back, lock
    • For lines: cut, copy, delete
    • For the page: Paste at mouse position and zoom levels
  • Shortcut Key: CTRL + + to Zoom In and CTRL + - to zoom out
  • Enable Zoom with CTRL+Mouse-wheel
  • Workspace automatically scrolls when drag objects outside of parameters of screen
  • Have page scroll when moving shape beyond viewable boundaries
  • Ability to scroll page with arrow keys
  • Position text below uploaded images, as default
  • Enable scroll wheel for zooming and scrolling page.
  • Shift + Drag when rotating makes rotation work in 15 degree increments.
  • Swimlane stencils added to Flowchart shapes.
  • Swimlane stencils added to UML Shapes.
  • List shortcuts in a quick list window - Click on the Help button on the top right of Gliffy to see a list of shortcuts

Bug Fixes:

Please see our JIRA bug tracker for fixes for this release.