We are proud to announce a significant update to Gliffy Online. This update includes the new BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) symbol library and account folder management. Other features include website login, an easier sign up and payment process, and no more 5 diagram limit for free accounts! We also did a major revamp of our server-side code that will give better performance, reliability, and scalability in the long run.

BPMN Symbol Library
Gliffy now allows you to create detailed Business Process Modeling Notation diagrams. These diagrams are helpful in getting stakeholders a clear picture of your business processes. This symbol library includes events, activities, artifacts, gateways and swimlanes, as well as the specific connectors. The multi-lane swimlane symbols have adjustable lanes and the pool headers auto-resize with text input. Most of the new BPMN symbols allow their line and fill color to be user-defined.

Folders for document organization

Due to popular demand by our users, the Document Manager now allows you to organize your Gliffy diagrams into folders. The folders will show in a familiar tree structure on the left hand side. Clicking a folder will list the diagrams in that folder to the right. Want to move a diagram to another folder? Just click and drag it to that folder. Note: If you were using our previous tagging system to organize documents, these tags will be converted to folders under the top level folder called "Account Documents". Also, any documents that were collaborated with you will be located under "Shared Documents". Refer to the issues below for more information on the inclusion of folders and the conversion from tags:

  • http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-551
  • http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-551

Folder Permissions

With the addition of folders for organizing diagrams, Gliffy Online also gives administrators of Premium accounts the ability to add and remove user access/permissions to specific folders in the account. This feature can be found in the Account Manager, accessible to admins from the Document Manager.

No more 5 diagram limit!

When you sign up for Gliffy, you now get a free 30-day trial of our Premium product. This allows you to create unlimited public and private diagrams during the trial period. When the trial period is over, you can still create unlimited public diagrams.

Website and Secure Login

We've also added the ability to login to the Gliffy Online application from anywhere on our website. What this allows you to do is use your browser or operating system features to remember the email and password for login. This way, you can now access the document manager with 1-click from the website.

Premium accounts can now login securely. Logging in securely means all data between Gliffy and our servers is encrypted using SSL. This feature is only available to Premium accounts. Please note, running Gliffy in secure mode can cause a decrease in performance, as passing data over a network using the https protocol is slower.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Legacy Network Shapes have lost connection points - http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-872
  • Symbol does not change with resizing: Network / Home Network / Server - http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-871
  • Network Cloud shape is blurry when large, especially in expored images and svg - http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-773
  • Flowchart multidocument image element has inconsistant colouring - http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-659
  • Selection UI control for checkboxes and radio buttons should be a checkbox, not a drop down box. - http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-629
  • Color picker for all UI symbols doesn't function - http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-626
  • Color Picker UI symbol doesn't change color - http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-625
  • Video player UI symbol should have a large 'play' button in the center (just like youtube does) - http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-624
  • Vertical justification of text for 'Image' UI shape should be at the top of the shape (but not above it) - http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-623
  • Color should be removed from UI symbols that have color - http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-621
  • List Box UI symbol should have a scrollbar in it - http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-620
  • An account containing exactly 10 users can't purchase a 10 user account - http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-584
  • Text Names for symbols in Symbol Palette left justifies when multiline - http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-573
  • The label for the "login" button is moving towards left, when it is clicked more than once. - http://jira.gliffy.com/browse/GLIFFY-15