Just can't believe we're almost into the middle of 2010 already! How does the saying go? "Time flies when you're making diagrams"?

As always, we've been hard at work making improvements to Gliffy. This latest update to Gliffy Online has some great new features and improvements.

First, new symbols! Yes, it's been a while since we've added new symbols, but we've made some vast upgrades in our architecture that will allow us to put out beautiful symbols more often. The first batch includes Venn diagram shapes and Sitemap shapes. Venn diagrams are perfect for showing relationships between things:


Site-maps are an integral part of web-site design that shows the how a site is accessed and organized:


The next big feature we've added is Templates. When you create a new diagram, you are now given the option to create a type of diagram based from a template provided by us (i.e. flowchart, floor plan, UML, etc.), or a template from your own existing design. You can also use a template that can be stored on your computer using our new Import/Export Gliffy XML feature.


Finally, we've made some big improvements to our connector line tool. You can now create curved lines in Gliffy, quadratic bezier curves to be exact. Plus, we've added a new arrow type that can be accessed via the line ends property drop-down. You can also create lines that have a fill color and a border color. To do this, select a line, make the width of the line 3px or more (third selection on line width drop down or lower), and select a fill color. Viola! To change the border color, select a line color for that line.


We've also made a multitude of bug fixes and other improvements to the system. Here is a complete list:

We hope all of these features contribute to the success of your diagram in the next big board meeting, resulting in many pats on the back. If you have any suggestions or issues with Gliffy, please don't hesitate to contact us!