New Flexibility: Gliffy now offers Organizational (multi-user) Accounts

Many businesses and academic groups have been looking for a way to use Gliffy Online on a group level. With the release of Organizational Accounts groups can set up, manage and purchase multi-user accounts based on the number of users. Organizational Accounts allow you to share all business diagrams, like Organizational Charts, without choosing the Share --> Collaborate option. Other highlights we are proud of include:

  • Organizations can manage (add, delete, etc) multiple users in an account through the Account Administrator Role

Manger UsersA

  • All diagrams are automatically shared amongst users in an Organizational Account

Document Manager - Organizational Account

  • All Uploaded Images are automatically shared amongst users in an Organizational Account
  • Account Administrators can be added and removed by the Organization

Personal Account users will notice they now have the option to be part of an Organizational Account and their Personal Account. Users can easily switch between each account and set one to be their default account. In addition the following payment improvements have been made:

  • Premium Accounts can be purchased directly, without going through the sign up process (benefits both Individual and Organizational users)
  • Purchasing a Premium Account no longer goes through PayPal, and the process is streamlined