In this issue:
- Gliffy welcomes Mike Simon!
- Gliffy Online is 1 years old!
- Gliffy Plugin 1.3.0 release coming soon!
- How are our Premium Account customers using Gliffy Online?
- Clint's Drawing Tip o' the month: Multiple shape alignment and positioning
- Gliffy in action: Some of our favorite diagrams
- Green and Good stuff: Trickle Up
- Unsubscribe directions

Gliffy welcomes Mike Simon!
Gliffy is happy to announce the addition of a new team member. His name is Mike Simon, and he will be heading up our Marketing and Business Development initiatives.

Mike not only brings to the table some great ideas for taking Gliffy to the next level, but he also embodies the energy to tactically make those ideas a reality. Mike's also a great guy, has great taste in music, and he loves to bike. We felt right away that Mike would fit into our culture and philosophy.

Mike can be reached at mike (at) gliffy (dot) com

Gliffy Online is 1 years old!

Can you believe it? It feels like yesterday. We launched Gliffy Online on May 21st, 2006 to the public. Thanks to everyone at and associated with Gliffy, Inc. for their hard work and to all our friends and families for their words of encouragement. It's helped make Gliffy the #1 online diagramming solution for flow charts, floor plans, network diagrams and more. We look forward to many more years of watching Gliffy grow, and having you, our users, be an integral part of its success.

Gliffy Plugin 1.3.0 release coming soon!

We're getting really close to the 1.3.0 release of the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence. The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence merges the best Enterprise Wiki, Confluence, with the best online diagramming solution, Gliffy. Sound interesting? Here's a 2 minute video which shows this product in action:

The 1.3.0 release has been a big effort as we've also streamlined much of our code. Here is a taste of what it will have:
- A new document manager that will allow easy management of Gliffy diagrams within Confluence
- Copy/Paste support of diagrams content into other diagrams
- Ability to lock shapes
- More professional looking network symbols
- Additional Entity-Relationship connectors
- and much, much more!

Find out more about the plugin

How are our Premium Account customers using Gliffy Online?

Many of our Premium Account customers are using Gliffy Online in their organizations in collaborative and productive ways.  We've seen our customers use Gliffy Online in medical research to collaborate processes with physicians. Consultants have created work-flows to share with their clients in order to get feedback and approval. Developers are using Gliffy to quickly mock-up software designs using the UML objects Gliffy provides and then sharing these with the team. On top of that, many of these customers tell us directly that they are very happy using Gliffy Online as an alternative to the "clunky" Visio or Powerpoint.

If you are interested in getting your organization on multiple premium accounts, contact us at orders (at) gliffy (dot) com, or sign up directly to get a premium account today.

Clint's Drawing Tip o' the month: Multiple shape alignment and positioning

Sometimes when great things happen, people often use the statement "the planets must be aligned". Well the same thing can be true when you create that jaw-dropping Gliffy diagram with nicely aligned shapes. Can your boss say, "promotion"? So how do you align shapes quickly and easily? Just drag select or CTRL-click multiple shapes. In the right hand properties area you will then see our shape alignment buttons. You can align shapes by edges or by center lines. So now you want to adjust all of those shapes by 10 pixels? Easy! With those shapes selected, just hold down the shift key and then hit one of the arrow keys in the direction you want to move the shapes.

Gliffy in action: Some of our favorite diagrams

Here are a few of our favorite diagrams & drawings we've seen out there:

Floorplan for house for sale (see bottom of page)

A wire-frame for an academic tool

Nice task flow with time-line

Seating chart

Geometry solution

Green and Good stuff

Raise your hand if your garage looks like a computer store warehouse, circa 1995. Need a reason to offload that junk? Well today Staples launched its national "Computer and Office Technology Recycling Program." All you have to do is bring in your old equipment, pay a small $10 fee for larger equipment, and they will recycle it in an environmentally sensitive way. more information

That's it for the May Gliffy Newsletter. See you next month!

Chris, Clint, and the rest of the Gliffy team.