Looking for a way to move your floor plan diagram? Here is the best way to move your Gliffy Online diagram from one document to another without having to reference another page:

With the diagram you'd like to move open:

1) Decide the items you'd like to move
2) Click on one shape you'd like to move, then hold shift key and select additional shapes to move
3) Then select copy
4) Open the file to paste the diagram into
5) Select Paste

If you'd like to move the entire diagram, at step 2, choose select all, copy. Then open the new file, select paste.

To move your Gliffy Plugin for Confluence or Gliffy Plugin for JIRA Diagram:

1) Create a destination diagram to move the copied shapes to.
2) Use File->Open in the Gliffy editor to open the diagram that has the original shapes
3) Use Edit->Select All, or click+shift each shape to move
4) Then click Edit-Copy, to copy the contents of the original diagram
5) Use File->Open to open the destination diagram
6) Use Edit->Paste to paste the contents into the destination diagram

Certainly easier than packing boxes!

--The Gliffy Team