Gliffy now gives you the ability to create professional looking User Interface designs to update your User Interface diagrams. We've upgraded many our current symbols and have added some new ones. The new and improved symbols include:

Forms and Components: Scrollbars, Window, Dialog, Listbox, Sliders, Combobox, Textbox, Button, Datepicker and Colorpicker.
Forms and Components

Content: Area Box, Plain Box, Image, Street Map, Video Player, Progress Bar, Line Chart, Bar Chart, Column Charts.

Miscellaneous: Sticky Note, Notes Reference, Rules, and Arrows.

Note: You can set the state of the checkbox and radio button by selecting the symbol and using the "selected" dropdown located under the properties area on the right side of Gliffy.

Check out these example Gliffy Wireframe Diagrams:

music store



* Text description of symbols on palette was left justifying when multiline (Windows browsers)
* Overlay handles will turn off when dragging shape making it easier to align small shapes
* Fixed Save issue when a diagram has an uploaded image that has an apostrophe in the name
* Fixed Premature End of File error on transcoding