copy-style Improved


We’re in the business of making you happy so we always listen to your suggestions and try to make Gliffy as easy and fun to use as possible. Our latest release includes the addition of a copy style tool and improved printing capabilities (yes, we heard you).

Brand Spankin' New Copy Style Tool
The copy style tool is great when you need to copy the design from one shape to another. Things that get copied include:

• Border width
• Border pattern
• Shape color
• Shape gradient
• Shape opacity
• Font type
• Font color
• Font size

Note: Font style only gets copied over if there is existing type in the shape you are copying to. Copy style is limited to supported shapes only.

Improved Printing Capabilities
We've improved our printing capabilities! You will now be able to choose paper size and orientation (portrait or landscape). You will also be able to preview before you print.

New features are available in Gliffy Online as well as Gliffy Confluence plugin v. 6.6 and up and Gliffy JIRA plugin v. 4.4 and up.